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I won't be at the Boston University farmers market this week (10/21) but will be back outside the George Sherman Union 11am-3pm for the last one on 10/28!
Won't be there this week (10/21) but visit us at the BU farmers market, Comm. Ave, Thurs, 11a-3p, on 10/28!

Ashwagandha Root Powder


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This root is an adaptogen and supports a healthy nervous system, helping your body to cope with stress.

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Ashwagandha root is an herb similar to ginseng (and sometimes called Indian ginseng), used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine. Ashwagandha is known as a vitality tonic and adaptogen. WebMD says - In Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is most commonly known for its mood-lifting effects. Scientific research supports its potential to treat clinical depressive disorders. Studies show that its effects are comparable to common prescription antidepressants.