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For orders to be picked up at the Roslindale Farmers Market on Jan. 16th & 23rd, please have orders in by Thursday at noon, choose Commonwealth Kitchen as the pickup location, and put "Roslindale Farmers Market" in the notes box.
Orders for pickup at Roslindale Farmers Market, Jan. 16th & 23rd. Have orders in by Thursday, 12pm, choose Commonwealth Kitchen as pickup location, and put "Roslindale Farmers Market" in the notes box.

our mission

To help alleviate Massachusetts' status, ranking third in the country for food insecurity ... while teaching people to live plastic free.

Food Insecurity is the measure of the availability of food or the ability to access it. In 2018 it was estimated that 1 in 9 Americans suffered from food insecurity. This number has grown significantly.

Because the cost of living and rent is so high, and the margins for a grocery store are low, Massachusetts is especially vulnerable to food insecurity. 

Massachusetts ranks third in the nation for food scarcity. 

Why Dry Bulk Foods?

Buying in bulk is good for the planet and your wallet.

It requires less packaging than a regular grocery store, while providing a greater selection of healthy foods.

 Larger quantities means you can save with lower unit costs and concentrate on higher quality. 

Local First

Local food travels shorter distances, which requires less fossil fuel, carbon emissions, and has less environmental impact.


All orders are individually packaged in tin tie paper bags with a biodegradable liner.

Pick up Locations

Orders can be picked up at partnering businesses in the following locations (info sent to customer once order is placed):


Porter Square, Cambridge, Roslindale
Jamaica Plain

More will be added as customer demand increases. Follow us on social media for more information on pickups at Farmer's Markets!


We are currently filling orders at Commonwealth Kitchen in Boston, which will be a pickup location as well as the previously mentioned locations.

Our Story

Founder Alys Myers was a longtime employee of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Chaired the Recycling Committee where she managed environmental & sustainability projects. As a lifetime artist she is also a lifelong entrepreneur and uses this skill to problem solve with a keen eye for society and culture.

During a period of reflection after leaving MGH, Alys was driven to create a sustainable grocery model based on her experiences with the projects at MGH. After learning that Massachusetts ranks third in the nation for food insecurity, Alys was inspired to focus on a company that served communities in Boston who do not have easy access to a grocery store by delivering dry bulk foods to them. Selling food in bulk is a great way to reduce the need for food packaging and plastic, and she wanted to sell it in the quantities that were needed, rather than the quantities that suit the manufacturers of packaged foods.


Appreciation goes to....

Joanne Kaliontzis for tweaking my logo until it was perfect, and other design wizardry!

Rob Ackman/SCORE Mentor for being there when I need guidance


Need larger quantities than listed online? Just email us your order!

Orders over $200 include free delivery.

We encourage neighbors & family to order together to save on delivery.

(Just choose Commonwealth Kitchen from the pickup list and put the delivery info in the notes box.)