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We are now shipping non-food items to customers. Let us know if you'd like a shipping quote!
We are now shipping non-food items to customers. Let us know if you'd like a shipping quote!
A Bit of Information About SUPPLY Bulk Foods.....

A Bit of Information About SUPPLY Bulk Foods.....

So, we recently asked our newsletter readers to fill out a short questionnaire about our services and what they think of how we work. Though we didn't hear from everyone, what I learned was that a lot of people don't really understand how Supply Bulk Foods works and why we do what we do.

My dream is to have an open dialogue with anyone who has a question about SUPPLY Bulk Foods at any time but I know realistically that people don't often ask the questions that they have. I can, however, supply as much missing info (in relation to the comments that I received) as I can and fill that in here so that anyone interested in our little business can read the info in the blog and learn a bit more in a central location.

Ok, so...

1) In the last couple of months, our partner Zero Refills in Cohasset, MA closed their doors. Though we were sad to see this location go, we had very few orders from this location for quite some time. We need to keep delivering to locations that support our business or we won't be around very long. The next closest pickup location to that one would be Four Corners Supply Company in Hanover, MA. This is a great store with lots of cool, waste-free items (I love picking things up there!). Check them out sometime!

2) Inconvenient pickup times - Most of our pickup locations are quite flexible in their pickup times. We state in the pickup information that goes out to each customer that, if you communicate with the pickup location, they will work with you to make your pickup time work. Please email or text them to work out something. They are providing precious space in their shops to allow us to pickup our orders so let's work with them to make it easy for them to do it. Also, please let them know if you can't pickup within the 1 week pickup time frame. If you are picking up at Commonwealth Kitchen, I am the person who generally meets you. I send out some hours when I will already be in the kitchen and then ask if those don't work, what times do? There isn't anywhere to work at the kitchen if we aren't filling orders so we're not there all of the time. Pickup times at CWK are custom to you though.

3) There are just 3-4 of us making this store happen. It's a lot for so few people. We have about as many pickup locations as we can handle at the moment but will add some if we can squeeze them in and we can find partners who are interested (let us know if there's a business in your area who says they're interested!). We encourage people to put an order together with neighbors and family members so that you can hit the $200 free delivery threshold (within a 12 mile radius). If there isn't a pickup location right near you, this is another option. This is a very small operation so please don't think we are capable of Amazon level functions. We do not have that level of resources.

4) We are a bulk store and we encourage you to order in larger sizes. The more you buy, the cheaper the prices. There are two dropdown menus - one for size, the other for amount of that size - and if you want an entire bag or box of an item, email us through the website and you will get 10% off of that entire box/bag. 

5) We understand that the small fees we charge for delivery to each location aren't our favorite part of the business but without them there wouldn't be a business at all. Nothing is free and labor and gas sure isn't, as we all know. These fees are SO MUCH cheaper than a delivery service so it's the best we can come up with.

Ok, that's what we've got for now. Please let me know if there's something you want to know, or let us know about, that we didn't cover.

Thanks y'all!

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