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I won't be at the Boston University farmers market this week (10/21) but will be back outside the George Sherman Union 11am-3pm for the last one on 10/28!
Won't be there this week (10/21) but visit us at the BU farmers market, Comm. Ave, Thurs, 11a-3p, on 10/28!

Masala (for Chai Tea)


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The best spice Masala for Chai!

This is pure, simple chai spice, fine ground.  No fillers or sugar added. Pair this masala with your best black tea to make an authentic cup of chai as done in India! Spice up your baking to make delicious cookies, cakes, frosting, or even ice cream!

From local business Boston Chai Party, a bipoc business.

Boston Chai Party is a small company specializing in bringing you real flavors and ingredients we grew up enjoying. We grind our spices fresh so that they have not been sitting around for months or years getting stale. Our mission has always been to bring chai culture to the U.S and we humbly welcome you to the party!

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To make the perfect cup of traditional chai, just 1) boil water + freshly grated ginger (adding sugar here is optional) 2) add black tea & brew for 3 minutes 3) boil milk & add to cup 4) add a teaspoon of masala 5) strain and enjoy. 

For best results use a 1:1 ratio of water to milk.